Life in Idaho Falls

Life in Idaho Falls

If you’re a lover of great scenic beauty and want to live with your family in a community known for excellent employment opportunities and overall quality of life, then Idaho Falls, Idaho might be the perfect place for you to consider. Many have come to Idaho Falls on vacation, fell in love with its beauty and charm, and never left!

A Litte Background:

Until the middle part of the 20th century, Idaho Falls was almost exclusively an agriculture based community. This changed when the Idaho National Laboratory opened. The lab created the need for people with higher educations and more technical job skills.
It has been rated one of the best “small” cities in that nation to live and work. Idaho falls boasts a population of approximately 60,000.

Working in Idaho Falls:

The city has experienced tremendous job growth in the past 10 years. There is a great need for workers, especially in the the medical, restaurant and hospitality fields. Currently, the city itself has several good paying employment opportunities listed on its website. This includes positions in the area of law enforcement, aviation management, clerical jobs and many others.

Living in Idaho Falls:

You will definitely experience all four seasons living in Idaho Falls. There is a slightly higher snowfall amount on average than the rest of the country each year. The summers can be warm, but it’s not unusual to begin having some cooler nights in late August.

Idaho Falls is known for having an excellent public school system. This is due, in large part, to the city’s healthy economy and tax base for education.

Real estate prices are quite reasonable overall and families with at least an average income can look forward to purchasing a decent home within a safe community.

Whether you come to Idaho Falls on vacation or to relocate, there is an almost endless number of activities to enjoy. The city has great museums, clean and well kept city parks and a large variety of entertainment options. Make sure to visit the Colonial Theatre and catch a show there if possible. It’s a beautiful facility!

Remember though, the main thing to enjoy recreationally, is the great outdoors in the Idaho Falls area. There are so many opportunities to explore, it is nearly endless. This is heaven on earth if you’re in to biking or hiking. Of course, more than anything else, people come here for the great hunting and fishing. Make sure to research and have the proper license to do either of these things, especially if visiting from out of state.