New Jersey Residents – Advice for Preventing a Blocked Kitchen Sink

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Unfortunately, most homeowners are well aware of what headaches a blocked kitchen sink can cause. There are numerous online sources that will explain how to deal with the problem once it has taken place, but very few actually help you prevent a blocked kitchen sink.

By knowing how to avoid clogs and back-ups, you can save time, money, and energy when it comes to your household plumbing.

Tips For Basic Sinks

*If you have a basic kitchen sink without a garbage disposal, it’s important that you don’t let scraps of food go down the drain. You can prevent this from happening by purchasing something called a drain strainer that can fit the opening of your drain.

You can purchase strainers for your drain from local hardware stores, but make sure to measure the diameter and to take a picture with you to find a good match.

*Never under any circumstances pour boiling grease or oil down your drain. It may seem like the most obvious way to dispose of it, but it will harden and congeal inside of your plumbing pipes causing a serious problem.

It’s safer to let the oil or grease cool down and to dump it into a trash can.

*If you drink tea on a regular basis, never wash your tea leaves down the drain. The leaves can accumulate in your pipes causing them to get blocked, and you’ll need a drain snake in order to remove them!

Drain cleaning tip: You can make sure that your drain remains clean by pouring clean hot water down the drain slowly every week.

Tips For Sinks With Garbage Disposals

*You don’t have to be too careful about letting food scraps go down the drain if you have a garbage disposal, but you should avoid problem foods. These items include banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, potato skins, and pasta.

*Your garbage disposal is meant to make it easier for you to dispose of unwanted scraps of food, but some items may still get stuck.

While running your garbage disposal, make sure to run cold water at the same time to help those stubborn items go down and get unstuck.

*Make your own vinegar ice cubes to help with preventive maintenance. Grab an ice cube tray, fill it up halfway with vinegar and top it off with water to help it freeze. Once it has been properly frozen, throw them down your garbage disposal while it’s turned on.

Easy Monthly Maintenance

*Regularly flush out your kitchen sink drain with baking soda. Use anywhere from two to four tablespoons of baking soda in your drain and follow it up with hot water from your faucet. This will help flush out unwanted items in your plumbing!

*White vinegar is also great for monthly maintenance. Try pouring one cup of white vinegar down your drain and waiting half an hour.

After the half an hour, run your hot water tap for three minutes. The acetic acid in vinegar helps dissolve the built-up grime in your drains.

Preventing a blocked kitchen sink is much easier than having to call a plumber. Not taking care of your drains can lead to costly problems, which is why following the advice above can save you time, money, and energy!

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